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Aint It A Shame - The B-52s - Bouncing Off The Satellites

2 Oct

4 Replies to “ Aint It A Shame - The B-52s - Bouncing Off The Satellites

  1. Looking back, "Bouncing off the satellites" took some chances for sure but they used the great A-HA producer who helped them pen their brillant first collection. I guess people got put off buy the strange style & syntheic sounds but I think were talking about the Bs a group way off the wall in the first place, a group never afraid to be.
  2. Ain’t It A Shame Lyrics. Flying saucers could land. And it wouldn't make much difference to my man. I could walk aboard and thank the Lord. And leave this damn town in seconds flat. Check my bags and never come back. Oh, our love is. Like a fuse that's burned out.
  3. Ain't It a Shame. The Bs Buy This Song. FAVORITE. The Bs are an American rock band, formed in Athens, Georgia in The original line-up consisted of Fred Schneider (vocals, cowbell), Kate Pierson (vocals, keyboards), Cindy Wilson (vocals, tambourine, bongos), Ricky Wilson (guitar), and Keith Strickland (drums).
  4. Bs Bouncing Off The Satellites Summer Of Love (Ricky Wilson/Keith Strickland/Cindy Wilson/Kate Pierson) Summer of love Summer of love I've been wiating for the man Just buzzin' around Downtown Waiting for that very special Comes in to see what I got Orange popsicles and lemonade CHORUS It's the summer of love, love, love I'm in love with.

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