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I Dont Like People - The Happy Gays - Lonely Men in Love

2 Oct

6 Replies to “ I Dont Like People - The Happy Gays - Lonely Men in Love

  1. There is a great difference between being alone and being lonely. A loner will always prefer being alone, but they will never feel lonely. Loners are a unique type of people. They prefer having a smaller circle of friends, and they do not mind spending time alone, being with themselves. Unlike those who feel lonely, loners never feel lonely. In fact, being in their own company is what makes.
  2. Some statements I've heard from people who are quite lonely and socially isolated are: 'I just don't like other people. Honestly, that's why I don't have any friends', and 'I hate people. People suck.' Below are my thoughts on this not uncommon sentiment.
  3. Jul 21,  · Hi, I'm straight. For some reason I have the feeling Gay people are lonely people. The reason is it's like their destiny is never to marry, never to love a woman, never to build a family, never to live "normal" life. Now isn't that sad? By the way, I'm a liberal person and have nothing against gay people, just curious to know. Thanks.
  4. If you feel you don't have any, create some. Be at peace being alone. It's only temporary. Find a gay community center in your area. Centers usually attract gay men with more positive attitudes. Try a gay-friendly religious organization. These groups break the mold of traditional religious ideals. Join an online community like the Gay Life forum.
  5. Sep 10,  · If you are gay, single, and childless, as I am, the future is as unpredictable today as the present was a couple of decades ago. Most something gay men I know are married, and a huge percentage have children. I don’t know if they are all in love, or if it even matters, but I envy the security they have in one another and their family.

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